Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nuno Rebelo: guitar
Ulrich Mitzlaff: cello
Franziska Schroeder: sax
Pedro Rebelo: piano

Live at Goethe Institut, Lisbon, 20 July 2007

infortunately there wasn't much audience, but what a great concert it was! Franziska Schroeder is one of the most innovative and creative saxophone players from Germany. She lives in Belfast, where she works as researcher at the Sonic Arts Research Centre of Queens University ( Belfast) . Pedro Rebelo is the actual director of the Sonic Arts Research Centre of Queens University. He works in the field of electro-acoustic music with interactive concepts. It was the first time i played with these two musicians. As to Ulrich Mitzlaff, german cello player living in Portugal, i've been colaborating with him in many different projects in the past years.

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