Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mark Lewis & The Standards
live in Uzès, France, 21 June 2006

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On the 21th of June, Mark Tompkins performed his danse piece "Animal-mâle" at Uzès Danse Festival. Since the music in this piece is mainly songs from Mark Lewis & The Standards (yes, Mark Tompkins is Mark Lewis), the band was invited to do a concert later that night. So, Vitor Rua, Alex Cortez, Fred Ferreira and myself, we travelled to this very nice little town in the south of France. We found there a very nice and warm human athmosphere around the festival, nice people, a general happiness flowing in the air... I met some people i know from other places and other moments, like Tania Carvalho and Luis (portuguese dancers), Gaetan Boulourde and his wife Clara Villalobos (Gaetan is a bass player and a danser, Clara is a choreographer), Josette Pisani (from Marseille Objectif Danse), Laure Bonicel (who i worked with in Brussels and in Tromso), and of course Mark and his Animals.

The concert venue was very nice, a stage build in a horse training place. We played better than ever, it was indeed our very best concert so far! And the audience response couldn't be better. Little by little, people start abandoning their chairs to come closer to the stage and start to dance. By the end of the concert we had a bunch of people sweating and dancing wild in front of us. We had 3 encores and still being asked for more! It was fantastic!

Next day we saw a solo dance piece by Thomas Lehmen, called "Lehmen Lernt" which i liked a lot.

(to see videos of Mark Lewis & The Standards, check previous posts in this blog, there are 2 videos around on January and February 2007)

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