Sunday, July 8, 2007

Nuno Rebelo + Adriana Sá,
live at Sources #1 Festival, Lisbon, 6 July 2007

Right after being free from the new 7 wonders, i had an improvised music gig in duo with Adriana Sá at Sources #1 festival, in Lisbon, on Friday 6 of July. This was the first festival organised by experimental music label Creative Sources. Because i was so busy, i couldn't see the other days of the festival, but the 2 concerts i've seen in the day we performed were really good: first it was António Chaparreiro (el. guitar) + Hernani Faustino (doublebass) + Travassos (circuit bending) + Miguel Bernardo (clarinet). Second gig was Eduardo Lala (trombone) + Gil Gonçalves (tuba) + João Pinto (laptop) + Plan (turntable). Our own concert felt great, Adriana played a prepared Zither that blended perfectly with my mutant portuguese guitar. We weren't afraid to have once in a while an harmonic aproach to the abstract sound material and it worked quite well. It wasn't the first time the 2 of us played together, since we played a couple of times together in the context of Ernesto Rodrigues "Variable Geometry Orchestra", but it was the first time in a smaller ensemble.

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