Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pocketbook of Lightning
live at Musicbox (Lisbon)
16 of May

Pocketbook of lightning is the duo with myself on guitar and amplified objects + Marco Franco on drums and analog electronics. This gig in Musicbox last wednsday was very special, since we were being payed at the door and zero tickets were sold. In the audience there were 3 ladies that won the tickets in some radio contest, plus Ricardo Freitas (a friend of ours who had an invitation). The ladies went away a little bit after we started playing... we played a little bit more for our friend Ricardo. Then we stoped and chated for a while. Then To Trips and 3 friends of him arrived and asked if our gig was finished and we said "noooo, we'll play a second set for you guys".
You know what? i really enjoyed playing that night!

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