Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pocketbook of Lightning
live at Oficinas do Convento, 29-03-08

The purpose of a glove is to have a hand inside, but it can also be used to hold peanuts. Peanuts need to be held in something. A glove can hold peanuts. But a glove and peanuts were not made for each other.
This is, more or less, how Jonathan Safran Foer explains the title of his book "The Unabridged Pocketbook of Lightning", then saying that the content of the book has nothing to do with its title. More, he says, even before his book, this was the title of a poem of one of his friends.
"Pocketbook of Lightning", the duo of Nuno Rebelo + Marco franco, has nothing to do with this, except for the fact that's where they picked the name for their duo. Nevertheless, in this case, there's something about this name that reflects somehow the music of the duo. It fits them like a glove.

Nuno Rebelo - electric guitar + amplified objects
Marco Franco - drums + analog electronics

Live at Oficinas do Convento,
Montemor-o-novo, Portugal, 29 March 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

variable geometry orchestra
live at ZDB, Lisbon, 22 March 08

Ernesto Rodrigues invited 9 members of the orchestra, plus Brazilian violinist Luis Loreto, to interpret a piece structured in 8 different sections.

Ernesto Rodrigues – composition, conduction, electric violin
Luis Loreto - violin
Jean-Marc Charmier – trumpet, flugelhorn
Eduardo Chagas - trombone
Bruno Parrinha - alto clarinet
João Pedro Viegas – bass clarinet
Alípio Carvalho Neto – soprano & tenor saxophone
Lizuarte Borges - alto saxophone
Peter Baastian - melodica
Armando Gonçalves Pereira – accordion, piano
Nuno Rebelo – electric guitar
Abdul Moimême – electric guitar

to hear the live recording of the concert, click here

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nuno Rebelo + Peter Baastian
impro at Cantaloupe Bar, 14 & 15 March 08

Nuno Rebelo - guitar + amplified objects
Peter Baastian - percussions, sax, melodica & gadgets

Nice to go south and enjoy the warmer weather, the beautiful coast line and the food of this part of Portugal - where i allways spend my summer hollidays.

Peter is a dutch musician living in Portugal since many years. Although we had played together before, mostly in VGO concerts, this was the first time in duo.

The gigs where very pleasant, for a nice and warm audience.

Before coming back to Lisbon i spend the afternoon driving along the Spanish coast. Did you know that gas is 35 cents / liter cheaper there?...