Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lost & Found live in Terrassa (Barcelona), 5 October 2007

Another gig of the duo "Lost & Found" in the context of Tensdansa Festival in Terrassa (near Barcelona). This duo with Mark Lewis Tompkins and myself started in June 2006. It’s a kind of pocket version of "Mark Lewis & The Standards". We play some of the songs of the Standards with different arrangements and we use videos that I did both as visual background and soundtrack. But we also did some original songs and later the Standards started to play these too. So it works both ways. So far, Lost & Found performed in Vienna, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Berlin, Girona (Spain), Paris and now in Terrassa (Spain). In April 2008 we will play in Toulouse (France).

After the gig in Terrassa I spend some very nice days in Barcelona with my wife Cathrin. We stayed at the flat of my friend Joan Saura. This charming flat at Carrer de la Plata, right in front of the port of Barcelona, was actually the first studio of Pablo Picasso in Barcelona!

Mark Tompkins is coming to Portugal this week to start working with me on his new creation - "Lulu" - for his dance company IDA. Taking this oportunity, we'll do a gig of Mark Lewis & The Standards on the 24th of October at Musicbox, Lisbon.

VGO concerts

VGO (variable Geometry Orchestra) is the largest improvisation ensemble in Portugal. Directed by Ernesto Rodrigues, it has been performing concerts with a line-up reaching sometimes 40 musicians! I played recently in the concerts at Fábrica do Braço de Prata in Lisbon (15 September) and Casa da Musica in Porto (12 October). Next saturday (20 October) one more gig at ZDB gallery, Lisbon.

A triple-CD of VGO ("Stills") has been recently released by Creative Sources.

photo: Vera Marmelo