Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3 concerts of "Nazaré, not the town but the woman"

Arriving from Toulouse on April 23, i had a rehearsal that same night with the german singer Katharina Franck to prepare our concerts for the next 3 days in Portugal. So, on the 24th we performed "Nazaré, not the town but the woman" at Culturgest (a big concert hall in Lisbon), on the 25th we performed it at Teatro Viriato (Viseu) and on the 26th we played it at Moagem, in Fundão. This spokenword concert tells the story of a woman during the period of the revolution in Portugal which happened on the 25th of April 1974. This piece was originnaly a comission from Deutsche Bayern 3 Radio and premiered live in Berlin one year ago. Since Katharina lived in Portugal for 9 years, she's able to speak perfect portuguese and so, fot these concerts, the story was translated from its original german version to portuguese. The concert at Culturgest was broadcasted live on national radio Antena 2.

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