Tuesday, April 29, 2008

From 14 to 23 April 2008:
“Audible movement, visible sound”
in Toulouse, France

Mark Tompkins and I have been teaching together this workshop which focuses the grey zones of cross-path and contamination of the performing body regarding movement and sound making, in a context of improvisation – or real time composition. We started in 2000 and have done it three times in Vienna, Strasbourg, Lisbon and Bucarest,and Lubljana. Now we did it in Toulouse. It’s always a great adventure for me to be involved in this workshop, since I get in touch with myself in terms of body performance. This is an area that for years was unknown to me and that I could never imagine that I had any talent at all to do it… But doing this teaching with Mark since 2000 (or should I say training?), I’m getting more and more confortable in doing it; plus, Mark and the dancers who participate give me very encouraging feedback on this matter. Last year in Ljubljana I felt for the first time very comfortable to improvise as a “mover”, now I want more, more, more of this!

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