Friday, May 18, 2007

Nuno Rebelo + Katharina Franck,
live at Akademie der Kunste, Berlin

After a few days rehearsing at Katharina's studio in Berlin, we opened the festival "Horspiel voche" (week of radio pieces) with our duo concert of spoken word on the 21st of April. "Nazaré, nicht der stadt, die frau" (see a previous post in March) was a big success. We performed at the big room of Akademie der Kunste and had a standing ovation from the audience. I believe there should be between 300 or 400 people, not bad! Katharina spoke her text with her expressive and soft voice, i played the mucis on the mutant portuguese guitar and amplified objects, with some background tapes. Since i had a "partition" with all the details i had to take care during the concert, this was the first concert in my life that i was obliged to wear glasses!

Here is a review: “And from time to time the radio also shows that it is capable of transgressing borders and offering something other than its usual pre-packaged productions. Nazaré – not the city, the woman, a radio play produced for BR, is transformed by its author Katharina Franck together with musician Nuno Rebelo into an acclaimed live performance, which pays tribute to host country Portugal with great narrative intensity.”
(Christian Deutschmann. FAZ, 4.27.07)

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