Thursday, December 27, 2007

tame the beast: concert in Brussels

After the Wordsong concert in Brussels i stayed there for a week at Ludo Engels flat. During this period we worked on a project of abstract electroacoustics, myself on piezzo microphones and feedbacks and Ludo processing my sounds with laptop. Dued to the unpredictable and wild nature of the sound material we work with, we called this project "tame the beast". On friday 14 of December we presented this project live at Compilothèque, a very charming club for experimental music in Brussels. We opened the night and our concert went very well. In the same night there were 3 more projects performing: Wrapped In (Giovanni di Domenico - keyboards; Lynn Cassiers - vocals), who did a magic and intimate concert; Os meus shorts (Nico Roig - guitar; Joachim Badenhorst - bassclarinet; João Lobo - drums), my favorites of the night; and Pan Pan, a trio who presented a very pleasant, joyfull and hillarious performance to close a perfect night. I was surprised and happy to meet the young and talented portuguese drummer João Lobo there. We had played before and we took this coincidence to play a short impro in duo also this same night at Compilotheque. A great pleasure!

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