Wednesday, February 27, 2008

premiere of Lobos

"Lobos" is a movie directed by José Nascimento. Although i composed the music for it already one year ago, the première was yesterday at Monumental cinema in Lisbon. There was a good audience that seemed to enjoy the film; personally i got excelent comments about my music - of course most of them were from close friends, nevertheless it made me feel quite well :) The music features Miguel Leiria Pereira on doublebass and Paulo Galão on clarinet and myself on guitars and adicional instruments. Since i recorded them improvising solo and not listening to one another, they were quite surprised with the musical result when it all comes together: their melodies plus my instruments.
Actors: Nuno Melo, Catarina Wallenstein, Francisco Nascimento, Maria João Luís, Vítor Norte.


  1. olá nuno,
    há edição discográfica desta banda sonora? já coloquei o link na minha guitarra azul e respondi ao seu comentário. abraços.

  2. a ultima vez q assisti a uma performance musical sua foi na festa de comemoração do dia da arquitectura, com o vítor rua. há concertos aqui para as bandas de coimbra e arredores?

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